Lost of mum

Lost my mum, 5 weeks ago. Most days I’m fine but, on my bad days, I sit and cry cry cry. I’m finding all overwhelming at the moment. I guess I’m bit lost

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Hi Caz,

I’m so sorry you lost your Mum 5 weeks ago. I completely understand how overwhelming it is and that you feel a bit lost.

My Mum died 4 years ago. In the first year I had good days but a lot of bad days. As time went on the good days won the battle but even now I still have a good cry every now and then. You need to allow yourself to grieve in any way that you need to. Have you any friends or family close by that you can reach out to?

There are loads of lovely supportive people on the forum who will understand what you’re going through right now.

Keep posting & take care for now. Trudy x

Hi Trudy, I have sister but, at moment she seems very angry and feels our mum was a bad mother. I feel unable to talk to her and just open up. I leave her house, and feel worst! I have 2 good friends, who listen but are busy… I guess I finding it hard to just open up at the moment. Thank you for your kind words xx

Hi Caz,

I don’t know if this will help but I feel like grief is a journey through a bad storm at sea. Some days are calm, some days are rough but all you can do is go with the flow. It helps me make sense of how up and down I feel thinking of it that way.

Everyone on here is here through grief though so we all understand. It really helps me not feel alone by writing down what I feel here so I hope it helps you too.

Ann x

Hi Caz

So sorry for your loss and all the overwhelming emotion it brings forth.

At 5 weeks you will be in shock and feeling numb and will be emotionally drained and exhausted. It takes time to process such a huge loss and grief is a roller coaster of emotions. Cry, shout and release your feelings. Be kind to yourself and do everything in your own time, day by day or hour by hour. Try and get plenty of rest and look after you.

When I lost my dad 3 mths ago I found this site and it gave me and still does huge comfort to know I am not alone and everyone is going through grief at different stages and you can share how you feel knowing everyone is going through similar experiences.

Take care

Hi I lost my mum 3 weeks ago, I know how you feel. The pain is unbearable and it feels like no one understands. I feel lost too and I don’t know how I’m going to get through without her she was my best friend.
I have 3 children who my mum adored with all her heart. I just find it abit easier if I try to be strong for them.

Hi Kelly.

At least we understand on this forum. I find it one of the only places I can be honest and believe people understand. Xx

How is everyone else doing?

Ann x

I have read the comments above and I feel exactly the same. Are there any support groups where people meet face to face in a kind of open forum. I feel this might be the way forward for me. Need to fill a huge hole in my life.


I haven’t tried one but they are available. If you search Cruise bereavement they may be able to help in your area.

Our local hospital has bereavement groups I think but it is different in different areas. Your GP may know of a local organisation too?

Hope you get the support you need but there are lots of people here who understand too so I hope you keep posting.

Ann x

Hi Ann

Thank you for responding. I am going to GP next week so will ask.


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Thank you for kind words… at moment, I’m on a rollercoaster of emotions. I feel I’m getting bit stronger each week. I feel, I’ve lost my best friend but, mum was very unwell towards the end of her life… I know in my heart, mum in the best place xx