Lost of my soulmate

I lost my soulmate on the 22nd November 2018 very suddenly, today would of been our 23rd wedding anniversary, i feel so lost and lonely, he would always take me out on our anniversary and buy me flowers and spoil me, I miss him so much xx

I lost my husband, best friend, soulmate on 2nd December and like you i feel lost and lonely without him. I bought myself a journal and today I started writing in it and for 2 hours i wrote to him remembering happy memories and it felt like i was talking to him. It gave me the feeling of not being alone for a while.

My husband was cremated so I have the ashes with me and in a funny way it has comforted me, having him with me. I’m the same I talk to him and don’t feel so alone, it’s anniversarys and Christmas and birthdays that are going to hard for us. It is nice to know and a confort to know they are other people like yourself feeling the same as me. Family are great but they don’t know how hard it is. That’s a good idea to get a journal xxx

My wife was cremated at the end of August. I have put the ashes on the sideboard and surrounded them with individual photographs of our seven grandchildren. They are her guard of honour. I am not sure I will be able to part with her ashes although we had agreed where they should be scattered. It just feels so right for them to be there. I have also put her Christmas cactus there. I talk to my wife but I do feel a bit odd doing it.

I am the same, I don’t think I could part with his ashes either, my husband wanted me to use some of his ashes and get it made into a piece of jewellery so I can wear it always and he will always be with me which I think is a lovely idea. I have put his ashes in a lovely cabinet and surrounding them with some of our favourite things and photos. I find it helps to talk to my husband, don’t feel odd about talking to your wife if it helps do it x

My husband died on the 29th November and his funeral is on Tuesday. Sadly his previous wife died of SADS and George had her ashes put in a sundial which is in our garden. Their 2 children were quite young at the time and they still go out and talk to their mum on a regular basis. I know they would like me to have George’s ashes put in the sundial too, but I cannot do that. I need him with me at the moment. I know people will probably find it strange but I am going to put him on the bedside cabinet next to our bed. I cannot wait to get him home with me xx

I felt the same, I felt lost when he wasn’t here, now his home I don’t feel so alone. They is nothing wrong with putting him on the bedside cabinet, he will be close to you which will comfort you. Hope the funeral goes ok on Tuesday xx

I had wondered about dividing the ashes and putting them in different containers to put in as many rooms as I wanted.I could then scatter some in her favourite places. I will probably do that at some point. Maybe some in the garden as well.

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That’s a lovely idea, that way she will always be with you where ever you are

Thank you Angie. I am really worried about the funeral, but I need to trust George will be with me every step of the way, and will be proud of what I have arranged. He is coming home for the morning before the funeral, and then by the end of the week he should be home with me forever - I am holding on to that xxx

Keep that thought with you, if you need to chat after the funeral just send me a message xxx

Thank you Angie xxx

Like you Debra i am waiting to have Tim’s ashes home with me. I think I will get a lot of comfort in the fact that he is home with me where he belongs.

My wife’s funeral was on the 16th of this month. She wanted a burial. I live in a community dedicated to prayer and healing and the church can be seen from my window. I can go and talk to her when I want. As for signs, there are so many things in this universe of which we have no knowledge. We can only be aware when we feel something happening and so much has been said about the afterlife, with such wonderful experiences to go with it, that there is no doubt in my mind that communication is possible. I am not a spiritualist, but there have been so may genuine mediums who have communicated with those who have moved on. Some revelations have been startling and they have said things that no one else could possibly have known. How do we explain this? It seems that some people have the ability or gift to contact the loved ones who have gone. I have seen and heard many such experiences to doubt. Can anyone doubt every person is unique, a ‘one off?’ And that person has something other than a body, which is only an earthly device. I don’t believe signs are wishful thinking, but a genuine desire to communicate in the only way they can.

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Angie, I lost my wife to cancer in September, 3 months diagnosis to death
Such a shock, as for the ashes we have put them in a favourite spot, but also you can send of for a key ring that holds your loved ones ashes, so I sent off for six of them now, the children and myself always have her around us x