Lost our son in feb. Suddendly 15 years old

Hi i lost my 15 year old son suddendly on the 25th feb he went to be happy night before and didnt walk up the next day we suspect a seziure in his sleep. Can anyone give me any advice on controling my anxiety is seems to be worse. Am back at working and happy but as soon as am home in the house my son passed my heart rates and i cant sleep. I am on anxiety tablets at present. My husband is working from home and struggling even more and we have another 3 kids age 8,14 and 16 grieving. This is harder due to lock down. Can anyone give us any advice. Thanks

I’m so very sorry you’ve lost a child. My son died in October 2019 , in his own home. I had terrible anxiety that something would happen to my other son but that anxiety has now passed.

I hope someone else can offer support where their loss occurred at home. Be kind to yourself and perhaps meditating would help you. I use Headspace and it’s really helped me. I’m sending warm hugs to you.

Purple x

Thank you for your advice and am sorry for your lose aswell.
Roz x

So sorry for your loss rozsavi, I to lost my son, 6 months ago, and I to suffer with anxiety, I just try and work though it, taking deep breath, seems to help , but pain still there,don’t no how long it will last just time, love to you Helen x