Lost partner lose friends

Do you find when you lose a partner that you also end up losing friends as well.
It has been a lonely existence since I lost my wife .I stopped going out and live like a recluse now .
And people stop calling its like every one has forgot about you .
My best friends now are my 2 grandsons it it was not for them I would not be here …


Hi Fred123,

People/friends just move on with their own lives. They may think of you now and again but unfortunately you are not their priority. It’s sad because one day it will happen to them and maybe they will then realise what you are going through. I think a lot of people on here including myself have said the same about family and so called friends saying they will be there but soon fade away. Luckily you have your grandsons which is a blessing. Take care.X


I’ve actually reconnected with my LH best friend (he’s also my daughters godfather) and he’s been a huge help to me. Since he came over Thursday night I’ve felt more like I can cope and I don’t feel so overwhelmed all the time (I still have moments) I actually feel like I can do this with his help

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