Lost partner

Lost my partner last November and it’s so hard . Struggling to cope at times , I am up and down all the time every day .

Hi @Debera121
Welcome to this site where no one wants to be. I’m so sorry you have lost your partner. It’s so very hard to manage all the grief and sadness and try to keep going.
It’s still early days for you and I’m sure you still feel a bit all over the place. I know I feel a complete mess most of the time and every day is like a climb up Mount Everest in my bikini ( which wouldn’t be a good look !)
Keep posting on here if it helps. We are all feeling similar to you and all on that rollercoaster that you can’t get off.
Do you have some folk around you to support you - I know it’s not the same as your partner but it can make things a little bit easier at times.
make sure you are looking after yourself - eating well And getting enough rest. I’m
Not always so good at that but I try.
Sending a hug and a wish for a peaceful
Night for you xxx

Hi, im sorry for your loss. I, too, lost my soul mate at the end of November. Im really struggling at the moment. I feel what’s the point in living. 51 years married to him, he is all i have ever known. I am 70 next week and my family have arranged a lunch for me it is good of them but without John it means nothing to me. People on this wonderful site have said they feel better when the sun is shining, but I
dont John loved the sun, and I hate that he is missing it. I am happier when it’s raining. Im trying to keep busy, but i have no enthusiasm for anything. I find it hard to read a book. I can’t concentrate same with a film. People say it gets easier I wish i could sleep for a couple of years but i suppose we just have to live through this awful time. Thinking of you all . Xxx

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