Lost someone to Covid 19? Share your story.

Have you lost a loved one to Covid 19? Have you been unable to say goodbye to a loved one or had to have a restricted funeral? What has been your experience of grieving during lockdown and what support have you been able to access? Has this Online Community helped to support you?

We’re looking for people who would be willing to share their experience to help raise awareness of the impact of bereavement through Covid 19 and the importance of getting support.

Personal stories or case studies are vital in helping Sue Ryder to raise awareness and funds. They could feature in our marketing materials, on our website and social
media channels, and in the media.

Please do get in touch if you would be willing to speak to a member of our team about your experiences or if you would like to have an informal chat about what is involved. We will never use your story without asking you first and by sharing your experiences you could be encouraging others to seek much-needed support.

If you would like to find out more please email online.community@sueryder.org

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Not a loss to covid as such but lack of access to doctors because they feared catching it so they only offered phone cosultations, even though 3 or more symptons should have meant a face to face chat. Week later doctor was meant to call back follow up but went on anual leave. Called doctors had to pretty much say was dying just to be listened to. Sent to hospital was told bowel cancer diagnosed from an examination. Should not have been told this until a ct scan. Ct scan week later no results another week.
Pancreatic cancer. A death sentence. Go home and die basically. No compassion told on ward alone with curtains pulled so other people could not hear.
I am sick and tired of hearing poor excuses for care due to covid.
No it is not covid it is individual doctors and nurses that need to step down they no longer care enough. I do not nor did i clap for the nhs.
I believe GP stand for generally practicing on people.
Covid has allowed the nhs to fail and cause misery to so many familys.
Covid is a poor excuse for lack of compassion and empathy.
Covid has caused deaths but doctors and nurses are equally to blame

I haven’t lost anyone to Covid19 but I have been prevented from attending funerals. However, I was able to watch online and I have attended 3 funerals via this option. I say attended because honestly I felt I was there, joining in with the music and the Lord’s prayer. I found the whole experience very moving, personal and intimate and feel the services involved have pulled out all the stops. I thought this was worth mentioning. xx

Till - all I can say is I totally understand what you are saying. (((Hug))

I don’t want to go into details but yes, I’m angry about my relatives passing because I do feel that they were not given the right care at the right time.

Stay strong.

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I lost my wife supposedly to corvid. That’s what her death certificate said. I’m still not sure it was down to that and I’m a firm believer that the government has inflated the figures regarding the death toll for corvid. But the most annoying part of that is that they took away my ability to say goodbye. Could not see her in hospital and had to have a closed coffin. This will be with me for the rest of my life. There was so much I had to say, now I do tell her but never get a reply. Life is so lonely now. Been 4 months but feels like yesterday.

Hi Derek

Bless you hun. I really feel your pain. I lost my husband back in 2001. It isn’t easy losing a life partner at the best of times but under these circumstances? The pain must be almost unendurable. As I said in my OP - it is like a light that has been turned off never to be turned on again. Just like that, it is gone.

I have found solace in gardening. My Uncle was a keen allotment gardener. Spending hours out there in my own garden, it is an homage to him as much as food for us. I can almost hear him talking to me as I dig *wry smile :slightly_smiling_face: Maybe you can find a rose with her name or something for your house that will help to memorialise her? I have a rose Colin grew for me - it is called “Remember me”.

Is there something your wife enjoyed doing that you can take up that you can perhaps get engrossed in? An activity helps if you are still in lockdown, as we are - even a favourite book or listening to music? I spent a very happy time this afternoon listening to Louis Prima and Perry Como tracks (My Uncle loved them). I’d never heard of Louis Prima before.

I still have very bad days - the weekend was not good - but today, it was better.
I hope you find your peace.