Lost son

I lost my son 6 month ago, the hurt and pain, sometimes i just don’t want to go on anymore, my husband has been so good , really don’t no how I have gone on without him, Daniel was he’s stepson, but he was my son , the worse thing that could have happened in my life has, losing a child is the worse thing in the world, just want to scream, I stay strong in front of everyone , as don’t want to worry them, but inside it’s killing me

Hi Helen, my heart does go out to you, I can’t imagine how you feel. It’s the worst possible thing to happen. I am pleased that your husband is understanding and I hope the rest of your family are being thoughtful to wards you. Earlier I did see another post of two ladies who both have lost their child, can I say look for these post because you will have many things in common. Remember to be kind to yourself and in time things will feel better, ok never back to having you child again but liver-able. Things will improve so take each day and look for something good in each day. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Blessings S

Do you no what there names are, it’s people that has lost a child knows what I’m going though

Hi Helen2
Until I read this post, I didn’t realise that Daniel was your husband’s stepson, Sam was in exactly the same situation and gravitated towards John (my husband) rather than his own father who he walked away from.
Please keep writing, we are all here and we know exactly what you are going through step by crazy step

Love Helen

Dear Helen , I lost my 30 year old daughter in a tragic accident almost 7 months ago. I truly feel your pain & anguish - just know that I’m alongside of you - you are not alone. The loss of a child has to be one of the most unbearable and devastating, gut wrenching, painful experiences ever. I have no real words to describe just how lost & hopeless I feel at this time. I’m getting through each day, one at a time. Going to work but feel detached from everyone else. The lockdown has made things worse - for me at least - there’s no opportunity for ‘distraction ’ from the constant replaying of my last conversation with my daughter. The what ifs & what could be’s. I have found some comfort from joining ‘The Compassionate Friends‘ - I do recommend you look them up if you haven’t already done so. A support group for bereaved parents run entirely by bereaved parents - we’re all in the club that no one ever wants to belong to Sometimes I find comfort from reading other parents stories and how they are coping - bearing in mind that we’re all different & people cope in varying ways - there is no right or wrong in how we ‘should’ be feeling. Other times I’m just a mess, not really living, just getting through each day & to be honest, I think that’s all we can do at the moment.
One step in front of the other - but know you’re not alone Helen xx

Hello @Elsa1, I noticed that this was your first post, and I just wanted to say that I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your daughter in an accident, and that you are feeling even worse during lockdown.

It’s really important to have outlets for your emotions and to be able to talk to others who understand, so I’m glad that you’re finding The Compassionate Friends a good source of support. Sorry to see that you haven’t had any replies here at the moment - you have posted a reply to a conversation started by someone else here, but you may wish to also try starting a new conversation yourself, as that can often bring more replies.

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I’m back at work, it’s a distraction for me, but soon as I leave I’m crying all way home, the worse thing I’m my life has happened, I’m so sorry or your loss Lisa, we all going though the same pain, and heartbreaking, I just want to turn clock back again when Daniel was little , like most of you do love and hugs to you all helen

Sorry Esla , not Lisa xx