Lost the plot

I think and have been told my friends and my GP that I am copying remarkably well considering I lost my husband in october I have had a few uncontrolable moments where I just rant and rave,however I cannot believe that my neighbour heard me ranting and crying on Sunday night and part of Monday, instead of knocking on my door and asking if Im ok they called the police, They clearly don’t know what grief can do to you, as if I needed that on top of everything else.I have been sorting through his things (probably what upset me) which is a very difficult thing to do,people just don’t understand what we are all going through on here.I feel like saying somethink to my neighbour but I know it will only make things worse as I’m very agitated at the momentI feel like knocking her out, but don’t fancy another visit from police,life stinks

Hello Debbie
I hope the Police were a bit more understanding than the neighbours. Don’t let them knock you back from your progress. Yes you are surely right - life does stink. Take care

Hi Debbie

You poor thing, what rotten neighbours to have. Whatever happened to a knock on your door the next day as you say to check all is well. I would want to say something to them too but try not to. They really are not worth wasting time or energy on. Wasting police time is a serious matter which I hope they are told.

Not long after my Mum passed away I was talking to a neighbour from three doors down the road. She asked if I had heard the girl crying all the time and said she was worried about her. I said it was probably me and sorry if I had disturbed her and she was very embarrassed.

If it makes you feel any better we are selling Mum’s house and the next door woman told me how much she was looking forward to having lovely new neighbours. Tactless or not!


Yes the police were ok with me Tina thanks for asking.went out for lunch today with my friend,and seeing my grandchild tomorrow.It’s the week ends I can’t cope with.I hope you are doing OK warmest regards to yo

Hi Mel

OMG!definately tactless,you should of replied me too.I’m feeling better today I think it’s good to let rip and get it all out every now and again.I hope your move goes OK and you have a nicer more friendly neighbour.Take care.