Lost touch with sister

My sister died few weeks ago we lost touch for approx 10 years,I feel guilty I did not know she was ill until a few weeks before she died.i did try to see her but couldn’t visit due to the lockdown, I left my phone number she never got back. I now have had to sort out her funeral Which is on the 5 th May and her finances as she never left a will.
My other sister and brother don’t want to know and have left me to it.

hi Maggie1
very sorry for the loss of your sister,and sad that you didn’t keep in contact for the last 10 years.also sorry you’ve been left to sort through your sisters finances and sort her property out.you should check every thing your self before you get any firms to clear the house.
why let them make any extra monies from anything of value when they are already wanting 2k.i read your other post were you gave a few more details.an d also be careful that its a reputable firm you deal with.also check to see if you could be entitled to any assistance from the government,you may not be entitled but still worth checking.
good luck with handling all your sisters affairs.

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Hello Maggie1. welcome to this group, where not one of us wants to be. I am sorry to learn of the loss of your sister, however, please don’t feel guilty because you lost touch. Keeping in touch acts 2 ways and you gave your sister your telephone number or at least you left it.
You are being kind to her memory by sorting out all her finances and arranging her funeral.
I really hope that tomorrow goes as well as can be expected despite the lockdown and the restrictions.
Please post again to let us know how you are, we are a genuinely caring group of people, who are grieving for our loved ones.
My sister hasn’t been in contact with me since our brother died, it will be going on for 5 years.
Take care and stay safe,


Thank you for your kind thoughts

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Thank you for your kind words and advice

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