Lost without my husband

I’m really struggling with the loss of my husband who sadly passed away on 30/11/22 from a stroke. I’m so missing him and feel so lost without him. I lost my mother 4 years ago and was still grieving for her when my husband passed away. Why is life is so unfair? . I don’t how I’m going to get through my summer without him. We were married for 37 years and I was away from him once. I’m having counselling and therapy but feel like this is not helping me.


When I lost my husband in June suddenly from a massage heart attack I never thought I would cope. I have been married to him 39 yrs and known him since I was 14.
He was my rock and best friend but part of me knows he will always be with me, l know that might sound silly but we were so close l always think what would Geoff do or say and it helps me cope xxxxx

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Sorry, I’ve only just seen your post.
Losing your husband fairly soon after your mother must be incredibly hard. It was many years ago that I lost my Dad so had more time to get used to it. I adored him and thought that was as bad as grief got but losing my husband was a whole new level of pain.

It is nearly a year now and the grief is less debilitating and all consuming and I do have a life now. It’s extremely busy as Richard worked so hard so I have a lot of extra things to try and learn how to do. I’m not brave enough to do what my daughter wants to do though and learn to use a chainsaw to deal with fallen trees and branches on his farmland.

Keeping busy has been the thing which has saved me I think. I could do with life being a bit less busy to be truthful but still better than having no purpose.

I hope the counselling will help.
Karen xxx