Lost without my mum

I lost my Mum on 28th Dec 2020, what happened afterwards was horrific. Hospital would not sign death certificate. Investigation revealed high level of morphine given by person or persons unknown. End of.
Just another little old lady out of the way.
I held my precious Mum as she took her last breath and have cried for her every day since. How on earth can l ever get over this.
Mum and l were so close, went on holidays together ,laughed togethet. Spent so much time together and loved each other.
I miss her more as each day goes by. Some days it’s hard to even get out of bed.
I lost my Dad 30 years ago, then l had 3 young children to look after now l feel just empty and so so sad.


Hi Ann, I’m so sorry to hear about your Mum, you must miss her dreadfully, I think losing our Mums is one of the worst bereavements, as she has been part of your life since before you were born, there is no easy way of getting through this, just take a day at a time, try and get out in the fresh air every day, nature is a great healer, I walked my dog round the local woods every day crying my eyes out, for about 6 months,then gradually it became easier, I still miss her but my life has gone on, as yours will eventually, but it takes time, sending love Jude xx

Thank you for reply. I know life goes on and l know my Mum would want me to be happy but things happen that l want to tell her.
Walking with my dog in the woods feels good but lonely as Mum would often come with me and we would chat.
I feel guilty for placing here in a home, that’s when things went badly wrong for her.

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