Lost without my mum

Hi All,

I’m new to the group, thought I’d join as im feeling very overwhelmed, I lost my mum on New Year’s Eve, 31st December and really struggling, it’s been roughly 3 months and im feeling very lost and not sure how to cope with this as I can’t see my life without her around.


Hi @Choco24
Sorry to hear your struggling with the sad loss of your mom. Our parents are there for so much of our lives, I know we know realistically that no-one lives forever, but we can’t ever imagine life without them. My mom was my safety net, she would look after me, & support me through troubled times. Sending hugs of support.


I know how u feel lost mum 2017…when she died part of me went to …BUT. I know she would want me to be able to carry on with lifeso gradually I found new friends…got out and about…still think of her every day and cry.its natural.u only have one mum.but u have to do this by yourself…so start today.i promise it gets easier as life goes on.remember she would want u to be happy and get on with life so don’t let her down.so get out and do it for yourself and her…


Lovey words x
Deborah x

Hi Chocc24,
Aww I am so sorry you are going through this. Take baby steps each day. Rest as much as you can. Let others help you in any way they can.
Set yourself small tasks for each day. You will get stronger but it’s so hard going through it.
This site was and still is a lifesaver for me. It’s a beautiful site with kind supportive people who understand. Post as often as you want to and it will help you so much.
Love Deborah xxx

Hi Choco24

If it helps please write in this group, what exactly you are feeling and your emotions,
write in more and more details and think of it as your journal. Everyone here can relate to you or some part of you. Other then that all I can say, if possible learn a skill it could be yoga, gym or anything that will help distract you. Be in nature, if you are working please tell them that give you sometime or don’t pressurize you and stick to your hours only. I am not an expert and I am still struggling after sudden loss of my mom. Just be kinder and let me tell you if you have anyone around you to love you that will be the best thing bcoz not everyone has that