Lost without my wife

Marilyn my wife of 40yrs passed away 28th Nov 2016’ people think I’m coping well, but when the door shuts behind me I just cave in, I can’t bare to think of her being alone , I nursed her for the last 15 yrs , I’m fighting cancer but to be honest I’m not putting up much of a fight I’m so lost now

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I am so sorry. I lost my partner 3rd May. I am also sorry to hear about your cancer. Please try to look after yourself, I know it’s hard. I say it a lot but Cruse Bereavement Care is good, please Google it. Free phone counselling help or more ongoing face to face, boo via their page on the web
I’m in an odd mood likely fed up and sad.
Good luck.
Keep posting.

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Hi Dennis
Just to say I know how you feel , but we are not alone as this forum demonstrates.
My precious wife passed in December 2014 and for 2 years it was hell on earth. The last 6 months have been better but I believe you only learn to live with your grief.
I have prostate cancer and diabetes and I couldn`t care less but I urge you keep taking the treatment for your problem as there may be a glimmer of light ahead for you
have faith

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