Lost without you

Just don’t want to do anything start something then don’t finish it just so lost and num haven’t been able to cry we were together for 37yrars did everything to gether now I’m just in a empty house so lost its dean 5 week and nothing seems real he had cancer gave him 6 months he lasted 1 feel cheated

Hi. Cj13. I’m so sorry about your loss, and like everyone here I am with you. You are entering the most difficult and emotional part of your life, but you made the effort to come here and that’s a big step forward. We all know exactly how you feel. ‘A trouble shared is a trouble halved’. You may not feel that at the moment, but sites like this where you can express your emotions with understanding are so helpful.
I think one of the worse feelings is the emptiness of the house. Noises we took for granted are no longer there. Living on one’s own after a lifetime of companionship takes a lot of getting used to and a lot of courage, which you have. We all have.
Not being able to cry is because your emotions are on ‘hold’ at the moment. You are numb.
You will have emotions and the secret is to go with them. Don’t try and push them aside. They are there for a reason, to help relieve the pain of grief.
Feeling cheated is another emotion so many of us feel. Especially if you are bereaved early on in life. ‘Why me’? There is no immediate answer to that question asked by so many. We may well know later, but thrashing around in our minds for answers often makes our emotional situation worse. Please come back and talk if you want. We do listen.

So sorry to hear your sad news about your partner.
It is such a rotten sad time I have been there and still there. My hu8sband died in January and still feel lost and totally alone as I have no family. I have cried and cried but don’t cry so much now I think I have run out of tears! My flat seams empty. I feel cheated too s my husband had cancer and his .specialist coundnt.believe how well he was responding to treatment then he was gone suddenly. We were out for a meal with friends on the Saturday evening he looked really good then got ill on the Sunday talk about a shock! So I know how you feel. Just remember to keep messaging as it really does help. I have found this site so very comforting.
Take care xxx

Thakyou for all you kind replies thay help a lot to no that I am not on my own thank you