On Friday 15th November I had call to say my 28 year old son had passed
Nine days on still unable to see him and formally id James he was id at time by someone who knew him
No cause of death found by coroner now a post mortem is due
Not coping at all feel alone feel empty feel guilty

Hi shelly1,
I have just seen your post and I wanted to say how sorry I am to read that you have just lost your son. I an on the site as I am feeling extremely low following the sudden death of my mum 5 months ago. My pain must be nothing compared to yours.
I hope the post mortem gives you some answers. My mums provided many answers for me.
In the meantime what sort of support do you have?
Cheryl x

Hi Cheryl thank you for your message
I’m sorry to hear about your Mum I feel for you
I have support from Good Grief Trust but to be honest it’s all so unreal I’m not taking much in just keep thinking it’s a horrible nightmare that I will wake up from and find it isn’t true
Shelly x

Hi shelly1,

I’m sure you do and you must be in shock as well. Do you have family you can speak to? Good friends that will listen?
I can see plenty of people on this site who have also lost children that will be better support than me because they have been through what you have. It’s such early days, please take things hour by hour until you are a little stronger.
I am so sorry for what you are going through x