I lost my wife two weeks ago. We had been together since we were fifteen married at twenty four lost her at sixty. My life has been destroyed the pain is unbearable.

There is no bearing this pain I agree. its just awful and no one can make it better unless they can bring our people back to us because that is the only thing we want.

I met my husband early twenties, married at 25 and now 40 and my healthy seeming beloved husband suddenly died in our home 5 weeks ago ( I just realised it was 5 weeks, I keep saying 6 as it already feels so long since I saw him last… one long day after another).

We had so much left to do but also had done so much. We definitely could have gone another 40+ years and now there is a big hole where our life was. He was my only real friend, everything to me. I’m not even anyone without him. I feel like a shedded skin, crumpled without any substance.

We will never get over this in my opinion Ron, how can we, its just too big to lose the best half of yourself but maybe we can in the end enjoy our memories. I hope so.

I am very sorry you and your wife have been separated like this. No one knows how you feel but people on this forum have some inkling at least and it can provide some comfort that you are not the only one to have been dealt the worst.
People on here have also given me help with practical things as there suddenly become all these awful things to do too don’t there.

Take care.

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Thankyou for your words I know it is early days for me yet so the road of greif is spread mostly in front of me I hope I can be the man my wife thought I was and be strong. I have a loving family to prop me up but they go home to there loving partners. It does help talking to someone who knows the pain of loosing a beloved partner