Hi I lost my partner 5 years ago due to a blood clot he was and still is my soul mate he was my best friend I still feel so lost without him he was 37 years old I’ve been having really bad days lately

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Hi @Donna4,

The only thing I can say is, you have found a good place to be by joining this site.

Here you will find all sorts of people who are going through the same thing as you are, and like you reach out in the cyber space for help. This site is safe and secure - occasionally a troll appears, but they are quickly removed.

It’s an awful position to be in, but you will find the help that you need. If you search the site, you will find on line bereavement counselling. That might help you - it will definitely give you a better idea of what to do next.

Also, you will find lots of people who will be your friends in cyberspace, and when and if the pandemic ends, in real life. That is going to be April 12th, 8 days away.

Christie xxx

Thank you so much for your kind reply I really needed that today thank you xx

Donna, hello and yes I am also pleased you found this site. If you feel counselling would be useful then don’t hesitate to contact either Sue Ryder or Cruse for help and honestly it is never to late.
Grieving for your soulmate never stops because the love is always there but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Grief does have a nasty habit of coming back and biting us when we least expect it and what is happening to you now can be classed as normal when it’s your soulmate. You are going to say how does she now? Because this morning it bit me, un-expected and in the place I was in, not good, yes we all have our own crosses to bear. Please keep reading and posting, reading what others feel help us all. Blessings to you on this Easter Sunday.xxx

Thank you so much for your kind words .It totally came out of the blue I am so down and miss him terribly I went to the grave this morning which I do every week and just laid down and cried xx

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Dear Donna4, I was saddened to read your post, your partner was so very young and I cannot imagine what the past 5 years have been like for you. I lost my husband only 16 weeks ago, so I’m still only at the very beginning of this endless nightmare . Though I fully understand how some days even the slightest memory , the smallest things , can simply catch you unawares and knock you sideways and make you realise - yet again - how much you have lost - both in the present time and in the future. I really just wanted to say, you are among good friends here. People you will probably never meet but who will offer unconditional support and love - and understand completely what you are experiencing. Just know you are not alone.

I remember those very early days i have never received any help in these 5 years I thought things were getting easier then today this black cloud came and I couldn’t shift it I heard a song on the radio that we had at the funeral pink Floyd wish you were then that was it x