I lost my mam 11 weeks ago and feel so lost and lonely she was my world and my best friend I can’t believe she has gone. My world crumbled the night I lost her and she took half of my heart with her my life with never be the same again.

Hi Chris, I’m so sorry for your loss, you are quite right, life will never be the same again, your Mum is the one person who has been with you since birth and you will always miss her, but in time you will remember all the good memories of the times you spent together, grief is a thing you have to go through, take a day at a time and be kind to yourself, love Jude xx

Thankyou we had a very special mother and daughter bond and always did everything together I lived with her and never moved out so don’t know what it’s like to live on my own now I have to and it’s so lonely I didn’t ask for this and it’s so cruel that I’ve found myself in this situation it’s like I’m being punished for something I haven’t done :disappointed: