My husband passed away in June, I feel completely lost, empty, heartbroken I’ve never felt so much pain!


Hi Chelw75, I’m so sorry for the loss of your husband, the pain is horrendous, especially during the first few months and of course it can go on for years, I found keeping myself really busy helped, keeping my mind busy, I did try going back to work, but couldn’t cope with it, I have found that I can’t cope with any form of stress these days, it’s a question of taking it a day at a time and very gradually you realise the pain isn’t as bad, you will always miss him, you just learn coping strategies, sending love and hugs Jude x


My partner died unexpectedly in May. Like you, the pain I felt was like nothing I had experienced before. I literally couldn’t breathe, felt I was choking when I tried to eat and felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. The tears came thick and fast. Although some of the more dramatic symptoms of grief have passed I now feel unrelentingly sad - even when I’m pretending to others that I am not! And tears can still come at any moment and for the slightest thing.

I just hang on to the fact that I do feel differently to how I did at the beginning - even if that is not better. So I just hope other changes will come.

I hope you manage to cope from day to day. Best wishes. Julie.

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It’s 15 months, for me, I was some where you were in the first 12 months, I have found its easier, but not easy, evenings alone, mornings waking to.just yourself, but all we can do ,is get through day by day. My brother, who lived in Canada, passed 8 years, ago, and my sister in law, says you just get used to it, although subtle events , trigger, memories, and the obvious upset. Xx

Totally get where you’re all coming from, just don’t see the pain getting easier, I know it’s still really early days for me, but we were together so much, the lonely feeling is awful. I love him so much. Life is so cruel, we’d only been married almost 8 months xx