My son passed away in a hospice 14 months ago. I’m devastated. Lost. Guilt as not being with him at the end. I only saw him 6 days before he passed. I believe I should of been with him when he took his last breath. Been up all night unable to sleep. I can’t get beyond this stage. I was stopped from seeing him by my daughter. Who I haven’t spoken to in over 30 years. No fault of my own. She never accepted my 2nd husband. So made it a must at the end of my sons life not to have me there. Wouldn’t allow me to attend his funeral.

How awful for you. The sad reality is until your daughter loses somebody very important in her life she will have no idea what she had done.

It’s so cruel


Yes karma will get her. She deserves to go through what im going through. Thank you for your reply.x