Hi, I’m new to the group.My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in August 2020 and I felt like my life was falling apart and I then lost my Dad on January 31st 2021, which was absolutely devastating I was there when he died and I found it so traumatic, I’ve slowly plodded on and then on 2nd January 2022 I lost my brother unexpectedly I am totally devastated by this, I have been suffering from palpitations and poor sleep, I wake up some mornings and start crying, I’ve always been a quiet person but now I’m even quieter. I’m losing all the important men in my life.


Sorry for all your losses. I’m struggling with the loss of my husband can’t image how hard it is for you. This is a awful journey we are all on with no end result. I’m absolutely broken today my world is shattered and I’m devastated all I want I Jim back and my old life please god I will never moan again if you could fix it for me

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I’m pleased I managed to make you smile xx

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Thats some complement mate xx