Hi I’ve had a awful day today. Had all my day planned got arrangements cancelled and just went blank couldn’t think of where or what to do. Eventually cot myself ready and went for a walk on my own. Feeling alone and I’m not really just felt like that abd everyone is just getting on with there lives and don’t understand us folk on our own. Does anybody else feel like me. I’m usually a positive person but not today

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Hi Ang
Yea I have days like that when nothing makes sense. I too like to think I’m quite a positive person but some days nothing can drag me out from under a dark cloud. It’s been a year in two weeks since I lost my husband and it feels like yesterday. I still think I’m gonna wake from this nightmare and he’ll be with me again but my sensible head kicks in and I know he’s not.

Oh Ang is seems so unfair doesn’t it. Hope you are a little better soon.

Much love
Georgina xx

Thank you Georgia for your kind words yes we all think it’s a bad dream. We still had so much to do and everything has stopped. We will get there just take a day at a time x

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Good for you going for a walk on your own though Ang. You say you’re not a positive person but that was a really positive thing to do.
I have days when I have to really force myself to do things, but I usually feel better when I’ve had a walk or have done a little shopping.
We’re bound to have off days.
We just have to keep on keeping on.
Take care
Janey xx