My husband passed away 22/4/22 and I had his funeral yesterday, to say I’m broken is an understatement, we were married 39 years and I’m broken, I don’t want to go on without him with me. I am crying all the time, can’t sleep, don’t want to eat, feel so alone and empty. I’m lost without him by my side. How do I live this life without him when I don’t want to


I am so so sorry for your loss
Life is just not fair
I totally understand what your going through
My husband died out of the blue after 25 wonderful years together
I was off work for 5 months I lived in my own wee bubble
In my mind he was still alive
It was how my body protected me
It is so raw for you right now and I wish I could take away all your pain
Remember that you were lucky to have loved each other
In time it does get easier
You learn to live without them
It’s not easy I still get good and bad days but I take every day as it comes
Keep coming on here sharing your feelings
It does help talking we are all going through exactly what you are right now
Take care


I’m sorry for your loss I too have lost my husband after forty three years, it’s early days so try to get through each hour and be kind to yourself, keep drinking to keep hydrated, ask others for help if you need it and if it all seems that you’re going crazy it’s quite normal, the pain is unbearable and it’s because it’s such an enormous loss and you loved each other so dearly, unfortunately we’re all walking this path that we have never chosen but please know we walk it all together sending hugs xx


I’m so sorry for the loss of your beloved husband :cry: it is early days for you still.there is absolutely no time limit just take baby steps and do what you feel is right. One week today will be 1 year from my wonderful husband passing it feels like yesterday. Where has time went.
Thinking of you x

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