Not sure what to write. Five months and I am still numb. Lost suddenly my wife who I knew for41 years from a heart attack.

My life is spinning down… everything is grey and meaningless


@Mr_Spot welcome to this club that none of us wanted to join. I lost my husband nearly 7 weeks ago after a battle with cancer. I’m totally broken. This forum helps us feel less alone as it’s the only people I’ve found who can truly understand the devastation of losing your partner & soulmate. Hopefully it will bring you some comfort too. Take care


Hi…know how you feel. I’m 68. Lost my wife of 48 years in January to a brain tumour. She was 66.Only ill for 2 months. Two grown up kids, so now on my own. Not sure where I’m going in the future, but this forum is a life saver. Use it mate. Best wishes to you. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hello Mr Spot. Coming up 4 months for me. I’m surprised that I don’t feel any better. I didn’t expect it to feel quite this bad. It certainly helps me reading how others are faring. Here you find out what it’s truly like to lose your loved one and it makes you feel less alone.

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