Hi my partner Toni suddenly and unexpectedly passed away 23rd May 2023 aged 57, everywhere i look at the moment are adverts for life insurance or funeral packages, most of the support i have had seems to have gone everyone seems to be moving on and i am still trying to believe what has happened. some days all i seem to do is cry, i am just trying to get through each day but find that a struggle


Hi, youve come to the right place, because we all understand
At this early stage of recovery, it really is very hard, and we cant see the way forward. But it does get easier little by little, but we have to battle through day by day, until life starts to make sense again. Then you can start making plans for your future, which can still be good, but different.
Hang in there, and keep chatting to us all about anything and everything


Dear Grifflar, I am so sorry for your loss. My beloved husband died suddenly in February this year (he was 65 and I am 62). I know the withdrawal of any support. I have the same experience as so many on this site. First, they promise to be there for you and help you with shopping and advice, and then they are too busy or they are not going in that direction, etc. I also see lots of adverts for funeral plans etc. I never really noticed before but there are lots and lots of this kind of adverts on TV and even on the radio. It is true that the feeling of being completely lost is overwhelming and so painful but this forum does help you through that terrible time. Did you go to your doctor and asked for bereavement counseling? It might help you. And you might get financial help by applying for bereavement support payment. You can apply through the gov website. You have to apply as soon as possible. Please keep posting on this site. We are all here to support you because we are all in this horrible nightmare together. Sending lots of love and hugs.