Today was another hard day I try to keep busy I walk my dog but it’s coming back to the family house empty.i leave the radio on for noise talking not music .

Hi Norma

I hope today has been better for you. You are so lucky to have the company of a dog. I have been looking after a friend’s dog and walking her has been wonderful watching her enjoyment in sniffing everything and seeing squirrels. Her owner took her home today and ther house feels so empty without her. Makes me realise I need to have a dog or a cat for company, someone to look after and care for.


Hello Norma
Firstly, I am so sorry that your husband has passed away…you were together for such a long time that it must be extra hard for you but you sound like a very brave lady and we are all here to help if we can. I am glad that you have your dog for comfort…I too have got through so far because of my little dogs!! Please keep looking at the site and post whenever you want to…take care x