Today was another hard day I try to keep busy I walk my dog but it’s coming back to the family house empty.i leave the radio on for noise talking not music .

Hi Norma
I’m sorry you are having a hard day I also try to keep going I’m back at work when I go to work I leave a light on and my tv so I’m not coming into a quiet house .
Take care .

It’s so difficult when you have to go back to an empty house. I know my Dad really struggled when my Mum died & he also had the radio playing fairly non-stop in the first year. He would also leave lights on when he went out so the house wasn’t in complete darkness.

Norma - you said you walk your dog, I’m a massive dog fan what breed have you got?

My Dad also joined a bowls club & made sure he had practical things planned for each day. It was the evenings he struggled with most. In the Summer he could get out in the garden til much later. During the winter months he tried to have a task or activity to do each evening so he wasn’t sitting in front of the tv for hours. He has found it easier as time has passed.

It is so difficult though x