Love letters from beyond

Been busy sorting through drawers today &I’ve found yet another soppy love note from My Stu-(clearly written very recently before he passed)-reading his words absolutely breaks my heart-I honestly believe he meant for me to find them after he had gone.I wonder how many more are hidden around the house that I have yet to find?I feel so blessed to know how much he truly loved&adored me- he was never afraid to show it or say it-I just hope he knew how much I love&adore him too-he was &always will be My Soulmate,My kindred spirit, My person-My Stu :sob::broken_heart::sunflower::black_heart::white_heart:


My beautiful wife has left me messages all over too, they are beautiful but break my heart. She also thought ahead and bought me clothes, socks and boxers enough to last years. So considerate always. For the children and grandchildren my wife bought lovkets and small photos and had them engraved… so lovely


@John1066 Aw bless her she sounds like a wonderful,caring lady.This is the 4th letter i’ve found since he passed away 6 weeks ago Its always bittersweet when i find them-its lovely to read his handwriting &the words he wrote-he had such a beautiful way with words,but everytime i find them it absolutely breaks my heart all over again.