Does love end when someone passes? of course not. Love is indestructible. It passes way beyond death. Real unconditional love is untouchable. It can’t be changed, got at, destroyed or in any way altered. It’s so much more than passion. The depth of real love can’t be described in words. We use the word ‘love’ so glibly. 'I love my car, my house, my job and so on. That’s not love it’s attachment. The golden thread of real love is what keeps us in contact with our loved ones who we can no longer see in physical form, but are there nevertheless. It matters not how long we were with them because real love is timeless.
“Love one another as I have loved you”
The words of Christ are as valid today as the day He spoke them. Love is universal. It’s never ‘my love’ or yours. It’s love with no other words attached. With it goes forgiveness, empathy and compassion. Will mankind ever see love like that?
On this site we may express that love for each other in the form of words which carry the message of empathy and understanding. In doing so we may, just may, ease the awful burden of bereavement. Love and Blessings to all.


Thank you Jonathan, Once again your post resonates with me. The word “love” has been tossed about so lightly. People utter the word so casually, They say they “love” celebrities, and characters on TV, and people they hardly know (or even like,) The love I reserve for those closest to me is sacred. I am of the belief that it is our actions that best express our love. Love can be “said” in the quiet moments holding someone’s hand, or being their strength when they have fallen, sharing a laugh to an inside joke that is only between the two of you, a knowing glance that says I understand, a warm smile, and so many more unspoken gestures of warmth, kindness, empathy and compassion.
I often feel that there is not a word created that is strong enough to describe what I feel for my Sister. “Love” yes, but so much more. After reading my fellow griever’s posts, I sense many would say the same about their departed loved ones. The depth of our feelings for those we lost, transcends even death.
I remember a wise person once said “When someone truly loves you, you just know,”
Xxx Peace to All

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Yes, you just know… There is no need for words…:heart:

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Thank you Jonathan

I still simple feel. The wordsmith has no words.

HI Jonathan
nice words,and from reading many posts id say spot on that love never dies.
although i know some people who say love you when finishing talking on the phone no matter who they are talking to.could be any friend or that sense the word is just that another word used generically.
and yes we who give and receive heart felt replies empathy and comfort ,are showing love.
all be its the compassion we as humans occasionally possess, shining through in the words written down.
hope ive not missed the target again as my brain doesnt get in gear very often.