Loved him still do just wanted to tell you all.

Hi all ,
I never knew how the world hides this tragedy called grief so well . All the TV and all the fancy shops and the theme parks and the cinemas. We do as much as we can as a society to drown it out. Well I landed in the valley of grief 7 weeks ago , my beloved partner of ten years died tragically. I just wanted to say I’m having a bad time some days better like most of you . But I mainly wanted to shout about how fekin brilliant he was and how I will always love him in some way no matter at my age of 52 what happens in the future. He is cheering me on to get another life going . I wait to give you a big hug and make you a cup of tea in Heaven my lovely Ben x


Oh @Maz5 it is a horrible place we find ourselves in. You are right to try focus on how wonderful your partner was and celebrate his life.
I’m same age as you and my future life is now completely unknown. I find that terrrifying most of the time as we had been together since I was 18 and married for 31 years.
But I talk about my husband all the time, especially with our kids and we celebrate the good and bad bits that we miss so much at the moment.
Hopefully time will give us some strength and peace as we move forward.
Sending hugs xx


I know what you mean @Maz5

Now that I know grief I wonder how the world keeps turning, when so many people are walking around with this feeling. I feel very compromised, nearly 7 months on from losing my superhero and favourite man in all of the world: my dad :broken_heart:.