Loved Ones Never Leave

My husband died one year ago today and I’ve been on tenderhooks for days about it. He was an extremely patriotic man - ex navy, retired police officer and always, always watched the rememberance day parades with great pride. I always thought it a great honour (if you can call it that) he died on a day he felt so passionate about.

I woke today, like many of you on the first anniversary with a feeling of dread. I lit two small tea lights both sides of a special photograph I have when I got up this morning and also put a poppy his favourite sister had bought on his photograph. One candle gave up around 9.30am and I thought nothing of it, fully expecting the other identical one to give up not long after. Not so, it finally went out after the first gun salute following the 2 minute silence of today’s wonderful ceremony. He was here with me in my hour of need.

It sounds like you made the best of a bad day. I always find Remembrance day to be very moving and emotional but to lose your loved one on that day too must be heart wrenching. You got through it and of course he was with you, he’s always with you. It’s been nearly 17 months since my husband died very suddenly and I feel him with me all the time, in everything I do. I just wish he was here in the flesh, to touch him, to talk to him, to hear his infectious laugh, always too loud, always over the top.
I’m glad you got through today, admirably.
Sending love xx

Hi ladies bit unrelated but today has always been an of one for me … For as long as I can remember even as a child I was very aware of 11.11… I would always look at the clocks with no promt and it would be 11.11 …when I was young I died for …11 seconds on the 11.11…
So I assumed that because my parents had told me that 11.11 just had stuck in my head…it just seemed to jump out for years

Until 5 years ago today …my little girl was born on the 11th of the 11th…and was born at 11 minutes past 11 at night …

I’m not sure what I believe but today when I looked at the clock at that excact time I felt like my husband was with me for a second…

I’m sure it’s just coincidence but comfort in all the same