Loved Ones Photo Wallboard

Arh bless them both :heart: my heart goes out to you x


Lovely photos of your parents @Banafell sending you lots of love :heart: xxx

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Oh bless you. You dad looks so jolly and your mum looks radiant in that beautiful blue dress.
I like to think my parents are at peace together, it brings me some comfort. Although seeing 2 crosses on one grave still makes me cry.
I read this recently
‘tears are the words the mouth cannot say and the heart cannot bear’
And i think is so true and so apt, its being inscribed on their headstone because we; as a family, have often struggled to say what we are dealing with.

Sending you much love and strength for tomorrow. I hope it all goes perfectly x


My Mum with her first grandchild. She was the most perfect Nanny to both of them. Cruelly snatched away from us aged just 57 in February. I genuinely don’t know how to do this without her.


Beautiful photo :heart: @Sammie, just know that your not alone, we are all here for you xx

Oh love. We are all here for you.

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This is my wife Eve whose birthday is today (she would have been 80) and also 9 months since she died of dementia. She always was and always will be the love of my life


Happy birthday Eve, i hope you are singing with the angels x


@Ostick what a beautiful photo of your wife :heart: thankyou for sharing, happy birthday Eve xxx

My husband, Chris. My love, my soulmate, my best friend for 28 years. Six months tomorrow since I last held you close. Love you forever and always xx


Hi @LonelyPanda , what a lovely photo of your husband chris and you :heart: we are all here for you, thankyou for sharing xxx


Lovely photo of you both :heart:
Sending much love xx


@Lonely this is such a lovely photo of you and your husband to be :heart: thankyou for sharing xxx

@Lonely yes he does in the photo! Lovely photo of you both, you still look like the first photo :heart: xxx

Oh look at that!
What fabulous photos x

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Hello @Lonely , well you still look just as beautiful :heart: xxx

Thank you @Lorraine89. The photo was taken on holiday in our favourite happy place, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was 2016 and Chris had just retired at the age of 52 and was loving life. I look at this and am so grateful for the 28 years we had together, a life filled with love and laughter.


@LonelyPanda , thats lovely memories to cherish and ive always wanted to go to america xxx

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My mum :heart:


What a beautiful photo of your mum :heart: @Julie1973 , thankyou for sharing xxx

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