Making a claim on the estate

I’m looking for advice from partners who were not married and had no children together who made a claim on there deceased partners estate. I’m still feeling raw from the loss of my boyfriend. He wanted me to be the beneficiary of his will as we had discussed it and he told me his wishes but he died sooner than expected so it was not done. He has two children from his ex wife who he already made provisions for by putting a lump sum into the house his ex lives in with his kids and he also put a lump sum into our house when we bought it and we signed a declaration of trust so that the kids could have it. But he wanted his pensions to come to me so that I can still afford the mortgage on my own. But now as he has died without a will I am going to loose everything as it’s all going to his kids now. I’m not sure if I should make a claim or just cut my losses and start again from scratch.

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Are you able to get advice from a solicitor. If you can find one that gives an hour free consultation, I think to even pay for an hour would be worth it. It can get very complicated and I’m sure those who think they will benefit will have already found out what they think their right are. Worst case scenario, if you do have to cut your loses, I think you would find it easier to understand and except if you have gone down the correct route for advise rather then being told by the ex.

Hope you get it sorted in your favour
Dee xxx

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I am so sorry you are having to deal with this on top of your grief. I

My partner and I aren’t married, together 40 years, but made sure we wrote wills after he had a massive heart attack. We also named each other as beneficiaries of work pensions, so that’s worth checking if he did that?

Citizens Advice has excellent help - the sooner you know how you stand, the better.

Again, I’m so sorry you have to be dealing with this as well as everything else. Find out where you stand, and let us know how you get on. Hugs and strength to you x

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