Mam ❤️

I lost my beautiful Mam very suddenly on 21st May. We had her funeral today which I was dreading. It was a lovely service and I’m so relieved it’s over but I’m also well aware of the fact that the hard work starts now. Everything and everyone goes back to ‘normal’ right ? Only for those of us who have lost someone we really love, there is no going back. This sadness and despair is our new ‘normal’ and one that we have to get used to. At the moment that seems a impossible task :broken_heart:


@Gilly1 Firstly, sorry you find yourself here & secondly welcome to a place where we know what you’re going thru. My Dad died in March & 13 weeks later I still don’t quite believe it’s happened. You’re right tho, for everyone else life returns to normal but for us nothing’s the same. I think the bit leading up to the funeral is hard but you’re preoccupied with the event itself, afterwards there’s a kind of nothingness. Little steps is the key to getting thru the days & letting the emotions just wash over you when they come. X