So yesterday I had a meeting with the celebrant to discuss what to say at the funeral. Graham’s daughter was there too. In 2017 me and Graham lost a baby at 10 weeks and I wanted this in the conversation. All hell broke loose and I was called all the names under the son and called disrespectful. Why am I? I’m so confused?. We didn’t tell anyone because it was early days,I was 48 years old and we wanted to wait but unfortunately lost our little Baba. Apparently I should have asked his grown up children before we had sex if they wanted another sibling?. I think this is daft,I’ve 3 children and never ever have I asked for permission to get pregnant again. Now Graham’s ex wife wants to stand up at the wake and tell us all about her miscarriages. Am I blowing this out of proportion? All I want to say is Graham is now with his unborn child xx