I lost my husband from a short illness of cancer we was told 6th June 2020 and he sadly passed away on 3rd September 2020 it’s the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with my heart is broken it gets worse when will this start to get better x

Dear Mandy3

I am so sorry for your loss. Grief affects us all differently I suspect. I too lost my husband in September, taken in road traffic accident, and I too feel that as each day passes it only gets worse. The census dealt me a hammer blow when completing and I have emptied the garage of my husband’s biking items. Like you I was married quite a long time - together 42 years and married 38. This is not an easy journey. Can only take one day at a time.

Take care.

Thank you just to hear from someone going through the same that understands what I’m going through I try and stay strong for my children but it’s so hard my husband was my one and only love x

Dear Mandy

Yes my husband was my one true love. We met at work when he was 17 and I had just turned 18. I lived at home before I married so have never lived alone until September - so awful. I think each day will present us with different challenges some of which will serve as a trigger when we least expect.

I have two adult children. They have received counselling and are coping in different ways. Only my son lives close-by and I now look after our only grandchild. He is a lovely distraction but again I sometimes see something of my husband in his little face and it breaks my heart that his granda is not around to see him grow.

This site allows for us to say anything and not be judged so keep posting.

Take care.

I was 17 when we met as well I have 3 children but there all very close to me and 2 wonderful grandsons which is a great help to take my mind off it for a little while he was 35 years of my life x

Dear Mandy

Our wedding anniversary was 13 March. I got out our wedding photos and looked at us both so happy and full of hope for a wonderful future. And we did have a wonderful life together (bumps in road as we all do but we got through). Somehow we will plod on knowing that we loved and were loved. I have to believe that he will be waiting for me.

I am glad you have your children and grandchildren close to you. Our daughter lives in the South East and she is struggling. June 2020 was the last time she saw her dad in person although we did call and facetime often. My husband promised to child-mind our little grandson so I gave up work to keep his promise.

Take care.
Sheila x

Morning Mandy 53
So sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. I lost mine 2 years ago and still miss him as much as I did when he died.
Try and keep busy although it is hard because I bet sometimes you feel you cant be bothered.
Just think the virus is getting better, the weather is getting better.
I am alone no family just friends which keep me going.
Keep using this site as it really helps. Just put your feelings down and someone will reply as we have been there. Its a cruel world but be strong. Love Sue