My husband died suddenly 5 werks ago to paramedics negligence

Sorry for your loss, I’m sure you’re feeling terrible right now, but give more information and someone on here will be able to offer you some advice.

I was in hospital myself on the day of my husband’s passing
He was a fit 65yrs golf was his hobby
I got a call from my daughter to say her dad had arm shoulder pain
Paramedics came in and told hom it was stress and no need for him to hospitalised
They left home at home 40 mins later died in my Daughter arms from heart attack
It has reached the seroius investigation team but i dont think i am greaving due to the angry of negligence
We were married 43yrs and have a severely disabled daughter and another daughter with dangerously high blood pressure do to the results of the treatment her that her dad received and guiltily that didn’t say he needs to be get checked in hospital
They admitted the ecg machine had been faulty since getting waterlogged the day before but gave my husband reassurance hospital would do no more they they had done
How do we as a family grieve with all the angry we feel at the professionals getting things so wrong
Please help