Matt Fraser Medium Pyschic

Hi everyone, a couple of weeks ago I discovered this amazing Medium, I thought I would share it with you because he has comforted me without even having a reading. I found him on Face book and he is amazing. I have felt so much better listening to him and watching his videos of readings he has done. What energy he has. So please have a look and see what you think. Maybe you might find some comfort too. Bless all of you on here,. Margarita x

Morning Margarita,
when I saw the name Matt Fraser in your title, his name was familiar, then I remembered, he’s aldo written a couple of books, one if which is When Heaven Calls, during last night’s sleepless episode, I was debating whether to order it, then your post was the first thing I read on the forum this morning. I don’t believe in coincidences, going to take another look at his website. thank you for sharing, ‘sharing’s nice’

hope today is an improvement on yesterday and tomorrow is an improvement on today


Dear Jen, yes, I have ordered his book, When heaven calls. It was sold out but Amazon has it now for delivery on 26th. I hope it gives you comfort too, I watch his videos and they are so good. Take care Margarita x

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Have you ever looked into getting a reading with him? He’s booked out for five years so there’s no chance of having a private reading anytime soon but I’m tempted to buy the 19 dollar tickets for his live group readings and have the chance to get picked there. I am sceptical, I know people post so much on social media that it would be really easy to fake a reading but there’s something about his readings that make me wonder what if?
I particularly liked this reading. The emotions coming from the people he is reading are so real it just makes me feel like just maybe there is more to this life.