Hello is anyone on medication since losing their loved one and does it help?

Hi, yes I’ve been given a short course of lorazepam which is helping me sleep a bit better as I wasn’t sleeping at all.

This sort of topic has come up many times on this forum. Remember you are grieving not depressed although it might seem the same. There is no quick fix or magic tablet to get through grief and few GP’s know the difference. Personally I would seek out more natural methods, they are out there and have helped a lot of us.


Yes, I been taking amitriptyline since July this year to help me sleep, my husband died 20 months ago.
No I’m not depressed, I am grieving, but I work and wasn’t functioning with lack of sleep.
My GP has been brilliant and I see her every couple of months for a catch up.
I have a very supportive family and friends and lead very busy life, but we all need a little help at times. At least now I sleep better and cope with my grief better.
You need to do what ever helps you the most.

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It really feels like depression though because I wake up every morning with high anxiety about the day ahead and struggle to allow joy in after nearly two years :frowning:

Hello @Paula66. St John’s Wort is a natural remedy for low mood and anxiety. It’s helped me in the past. Also, to help at night, sleep hypnosis is something I find helps; you’ll find lots on YouTube.

Thank you. I can’t take St J Wort because I need to come off the medication I am on. It’s got to a point I have to work hard at thinking myself in a better place but so hard when I miss her so much and feel anxious of it all happening again to another loved one I don’t think I would survive it

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I think it’s true that grief is natural, but it can also be accompanied by depression for all sorts of reasons. Everyone is different, some people prefer not to take medication. Others find it really helpful. I am taking anti depressants and I sleep better and cope better. If you feel that anti depressants might help you the best thing is to talk to your GP. Don’t suffer in silence or feel that you need to ‘brave it out’. Ask for help, it’s a sign of strength to know when things are too much. You don’t have to take them forever. Do what feels right for you. Sending best wishes xxx


Thank you Nell for your balanced response to this subject. X

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Thats fine if it is your choice and your correct you don’t have to take them forever, that is if you can get off them as they are very addictive to some people and can be dangerous.
A Doctor once told me that they really don’t know what to do with a greiving person and drugs seems to be the only thing they can offer which isn’t always the answer.

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I wasn’t suggesting for one moment that anyone should be taking any drug unless it’s their free choice. I suggested talking to a GP.

Hi Nell
I didn’t think you was suggesting that people should be taking drugs but is it understood fully just how drugs can affect us long term. It may seem like an easy way to cope to some people.
Sorry but speaking to a GP is pretty much a waste of time with some of them. As I said GP’s have little knowledge of what to do with a grieving person wanting some help which is usually a quick fix to take away the horrndous pain. What happens when people come off drugs and then find they have lost their ‘prop’ and have to go it alone otherwise take yet more drugs.
A difficult subject I think you will agree as we all have our own thoughts on this subject. No real answer to it.

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Hi Paula,
As others have said it is such a personal choice and what helps for one, doesn’t for somebody else.
I have been taking a sleeping tablet as I was sleeping 2-3 hours a night and as I have returned to work it wasn’t enough.
I am now on a low dose and use a night audio app which is helping. I know it is important to ideally get seven and a half hours sleep which will then give you your REM sleep so your mind can process things and hopefully you should! wake up feeling fresher.
I also understand grieving is different to depression, one can lead to the other though.
Can you speak to a counsellor? They could help you understand your thoughts and feelings better, I personally found that just talking to someone with experience helped me work things out in my head better, (and make me realise I wasn’t going insane).

Each to their own, I have tried various resources, some have helped whilst not so much others, just whatever may help you through this nightmare.
Joe x

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Thank you everyone. I am trying to reduce the doses slowly the one I am worried about is the one that helps me sleep. I do have depression and anxiety and I am talking to a counsellor. I’m trying to ‘live’ but alongside the grief and not consumed by it after nearly 2 years
:frowning: xx