Has anyone ever used a medium/clairvoyant in the hope of receiving a message from a loved one?
I’ve always been sceptical in the past but now I feel desperate enough to try this.
Losing someone so suddenly, no time to say anything or ask anything is unbearable .
They’ve been gone 4 weeks and the raw shock is still there.


Hi, I have had a good look but been unable to find a heading regarding the use of clairvoyants because this is a subject that has come up often. I don’t know if it’s under general chat but I have read posts in the past and I think it’s a bit of a mix review. Sometimes our expectations are very high and we are happy to believe and if nothing happens, we are then deflated.
Personal I haven’t used this type of thing because often I feel my soulmate is near and sometimes helping me but again this could be just me, wishing. White feathers and robins plus the cat that choose me, all are there but why?
If you think it would help you then try but try to have a open mind and be sceptical. Wishing you success. S xxx


Hi punkyfish. I would say it depends on wether you find a good clairvoyant or not. If it’s gypsy rose lee at the end of the Pier. Then I would Rather go and talk to a tree. However if you get a good one. They can tell you some remarkable things that only you can relate too.

Some people don’t believe and they never will. But if a clairvoyant can tell you something that they couldn’t possibly know before hand then thier has to be something in it. I don’t know how true it is but I think if you go to see one to soon after your loss it may not work. I went to see one about 12 months after my loss. I told her nothing over the phone , not even my name. I got to her house knocked on the door, she invited me in. Before I made it from her front door to her living room she told how I’d lost my son. The time he died and the colour of the car he crashed in. For the next hour she went on to tell me alsorts about him. Do some research and try and find a good one. You have nothing to loose.
Take care


Thank you Susie, I appreciate your reply.
I feel I have two questions that trouble me, they are yes or no answers. The danger is a medium could simply tell me what they think I want to hear.
I’m so happy you feel your soulmate is near, that must be such a comfort

Hi Jim, thank you so much for your reply.
I think there’s quite a few gypsy rose Lee types about :slight_smile:

That must have been amazing to hear about your son. Did you receive any message from him?
Also. was it expensive?

Hi punkyfish. £25 for an hour. I went to see her twice first time was after 12 months second time was about 3 years later. I genuinely told her absolutely nothing as I was sceptical . She told absolutely loads about my son. He was 24 when he died. She new the time he crashed the colour of the car . She even told me how he died, specific injuries. She then told me of stuff he’d done when he was a young boy. She told me of stuff that had happened to me after he’d died but was letting me know that he knew. There was genuinely nothing she could of researched about me before I got there. I gave her no details what so ever. The only thing she said that I didn’t believe was that, “he was settled and I need not worry about him he’s fine”. I think all clairvoyants are going to say that. She even told me about a dog that we had when my son was young. She told me what it looked like and what it was called. I no what you mean when you say " if you ask questions the clairvoyant will give you the answer that they think you want to hear. But if they tell you specific details about the person you lost then I believe there definitely has to be something in it.

I’m 7 years down the line and like susieM. We’ve had had all manner of things happen in this house that simply can’t be explained. Far to numerous to mention.
Hope you have some luck in finding a good one. But I would deffo do some research first as if you get a fake it will only disappoint.


That’s so helpful Jim. I’m so sorry you lost your son, and so young too .
It definitely sounds like you found a genuine medium… That’s a good price too. I’ve seen £60 for a tarot reading which seems alot to me .
I also have concerns that the dead should be allowed to rest. - I worry about disturbing them

hi punkyfsh my best freind passed 4 years ago and ihave recently lost my brother i do beleive in life after death i do beleive some mediums are good some not so good i would look around i have done readings for people but never ever call myself a medium i just sometimes pick things up im sorry for ur loss

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Hi all, I too am a sceptic but would like to be proven to that there is something in it, I have only ever been to one and that was years ago one of those at a seaside pier jobs like, then it wasn’t about making contact with anyone it was to find out what our future held, strangely enough it did all come true, but now I want to contact my hubby who left me 4 months ago, I want to ask him why he hasn’t been to see me yet, I get annoyed with him for coming to visit me, I want, I need to feel him close, but I don’t and it hurts so much, especially as we had spent 48 years together 46y as man and wife, I feel like he’s abandoned me totally, yes I’ve had a feather and a robin visit which were nice, but I need more, so I am thinking of taking the leap to see someone, not sure if it was a sign but I had a booklet in the door of all the things going on locally, I live in a seaside town, and one of the events taking place is a medium…should I take that leap? or save my money and just hope I get the visit I so desperately need?

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@Freedomlass hi, sorry for your loss, I know what you mean about being angry. I feel the same, I did feel my friend was watching over me the other day but now that feeling has passed. You could go to the event maybe with someone, and decide if you want to go in once you are there. I think you will know if it feels right for you.

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I might well do that it’s not for a few weeks yet so plenty of time to decide, I’ll ask my daughter if she wants to come with me but it would depend on her shift patterns…not really got anyone else to ask.

Hi punkyfish,
I too have lost someone very suddenly and have also been debating talking to a medium because I’m so desperate to get reassurance from “the other side”.

I hope you find a good one and that you get the answers and peace you’re looking for.

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Hi @AC93 thanks for your reply . I am sorry for your loss. I haven’t found one yet, I will keep looking
I have been watching Surviving Death on Netflix. It discusses people who’ve had near death experience’s, it gives hope & comfort that their is more that we don’t know about

Tyler Henry is incredible isn’t he?! I too took a lot of comfort from that series. It’s lovely to think that one day our loved ones will be reunited with us and never truly leave. I hope with all my might that it’s true.

Do keep us posted on whether you find someone and whether the experience helps you.

Take care

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@AC93 I hope the same. I got so upset earlier, I dont know where it came from.
I will let you know what happens, you take care too

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Hi yes I have I was desperate!! There are some out there that aren’t good but I did know someone I’ve been to for years I got a lot of peace from what she told me ! She told me things I’d done which I never spoke about to anyone ! But sadly I’ve been trying to get hold of her fir ages but found out she has also passed I find it very comforting some believe some don’t hope you get peace it’s now nearly 5 years since I lost my soulmate n this year list my mum and it’s all started all over again !! Panic attacks etc please be aware of who you go to see try get recommendations from people before you go but it did help me take care x

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Hi punkyfish, like you I’ve been thinking of trying a medium but not sure & a bit nervous. I live in the South. Wonder how you & others got on if you went ahead ??
I lost my husband unexpectedly two years ago at the end of this month so it’s a very sad time.
I struggle massively & to be honest find it even harder getting by day to day than I did at the start probably because I was numb & shocked.
This site has supported me during long nights & through despair but now I just feel weary & despair.
The heartbreak continues.
Thank you all for sharing. Sending love.

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Hi @Sadanna, im so sorry for your loss, this time of year is so difficult when you have lost someone. I heard a child who lost their mum say that the grief and pain doesn’t go, you just make room for it. I think that’s so true.
I haven’t seen a medium yet but a local pub to me is holding a psychic evening very soon which I am thinking of going to. It will at least give me an idea of what to expect. My son said he will come with me, I will let you know how `I get on. I am in SE London.
Sending love back to you

Hi @jojolee, so sorry to hear you lost your mum and that its brought back the grief all over again. Im glad you have a good experience with your medium, it must have been upsetting to hear she had passed. Im going to a psychic night at a local pub soon, so that will give me a chance to see what happens.
Take care of yourself and thank you for your words

Thanks Punkyfish will be good to hear how it goes.
I really hope it helps to ease your pain & brings comfort to you. Thoughts are with you.

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