Yes of course. I was actually really excited after seeing one of her readings where she not only named names correctly but actually said the cause of death exactly how it was and it was inflammation of the lining of the brain rather than the brain itself so not easy to guess. Then I read some other articles online where journalists had gone for readings and they didn’t get names or specific things so now I’m wondering if the readings I saw were set up. I just wish the end of the month would hurry up so I can hopefully get some peace :pensive:

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Ah I’m glad you understood what I meant about my energy and my partners energy. I wasn’t sure if I’d worded it right lol.

Can you inbox me details of the medium you saw please so I can have a look into her?

Yes I also wish I could have some guidance about what I’m supposed to do next. He’d always jokingly told me where he wanted his ashes scattered but I don’t know if he was joking or not. It’s WAY too soon to even think about that yet but his family mentioned it to me the other day. This is where it’s hard being so young because I’m only 38 they obviously don’t want his ashes just sitting around for years and years but if we’d been in our 60’s or 70’s it would have been more appropriate to keep his until I went and scatter them together. Obviously I can’t do that now unless I go pretty soon myself :broken_heart: I wish he could offer me some guidance about what to do with them. I don’t really want to scatter them for a good while yet, it would almost feel like we were throwing him away and I know that sounds silly but it really upsets me to even think about it at the minute :broken_heart:

I’ll send you her details. She doesnt have a page or anything (that im aware of) - but she has been recommended by nany people.

I understand how you feel regarding the ashes, but dont let the family push you into any decisions you’re not ready for.

I lost my husband last November. I became a widow at 44.
I am keeping his ashes, they are staying with me. When it is my time to go our ashes will be scattered together x

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@Kel2 & @LostLil I am keeping my husband ashes with me. I have got a beautiful wooden box with a plague on. I have explained to his family too. Thankfully they were very understanding. I will have it put into my will that we are to be scattered together when I go.

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Technically I have no claim to his ashes anyway despite being together for 17 years we weren’t married. His family are really good though and I know I’ll get some but I don’t feel like I can keep him sitting in an urn possibly another twenty years either. We spoke about death a lot. We spoke about us not wanting to see the other heartbroken and lonely forever if one of us went first, we spoke about the funerals and what he’d want to be wear, he wanted something cormfy that he’d normally wear, what song he’d want as people were leaving the crematorium etc but not once did I ever think to ask about scatterering or keeping ashes if one of us died far too soon in life because never for a minute did we think either one of us would go anywhere soon :broken_heart::sob:

You can get some ashes made into jewellery perhaps that is an option

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Yes I’m definitely going to get something made although I’m unsure what as I never wear jewellery. I’ll possibly get a necklace but I know I’ll end up breaking or losing it so I might have to get more than one made.

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Yea I did that with some of my husbands ashes. I had a heart made one for me and one for John’s sister. The remainder we have just placed under the bird table in the garden. A garden he loved to work on and watch the birds. It was certain his “happy place” :heart:


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I also have a reading booked, 2nd aug, I really hope he speaks to me x

Please keep us updated. Who is it with? I’ve had two readings now and both were very guessy and generalised. I’m not giving up though, despite my two bad readings I’m still hopeful :rofl:

I was told especially if they have been taken suddenly, that they have to be rested for a while so was advised to leave it several months then should be able to speak to him, her name is Alison forgotten 2nd name as my memory has gone bad but my friend has the details I will certainly keep you posted xx

I sent some of mike’s clothes off for a memory bear to be made, I’ve not got it yet but they take a long time

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