So in the 7 weeks since my OH passed away I’ve been obsessing over what happens after death. Has he just gone forever with no knowledge he ever existed or does his soul live on in some way? We both always believed there was nothing after death and it wasn’t anything I was particularly interested in before he died despite losing other family members including my mam, grandad and grandmother who I can’t actually remember because I was only a baby when she died.

I decided to bite the bullet and pay quite a lot for a fast track reading off a medium that has a five year waiting list. I’ll have the reading at the end of this month. I was really excited to have the reading because I felt like it would answer my questions one way or another if she was actually really specific but now I’m wondering even if she is really specific how do I know if she’s actually getting that information from me and my brain or is she actually getting it from connecting with my OH?
Some psychic mediums do life readings that tell you about your life and predictions for you without connecting to any spirits so how do I know that this medium won’t just be getting the information she needs from what’s inside my head? Does that even make sense? Sorry if it doesn’t. I’m hoping someone can understand what I’m saying and reassure me somehow.

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If it helps you then it is worth the money I go every six months and find it comforting to still be in touch with her


The money isn’t a problem. If it helps then it’s worth every single penny and more. What I mean is after thinking about it how do I know if she’ll be picking the information up from me and my “energy” or if she really is picking up messages from my OH?

Could it be possible that she’s getting all the information she needs from me or the living people she’s doing readings for rather than the lost loved ones that she’s connecting with?

The person I go to always gives proof that you could never get from any other person don’t get me wrong I had to go to a few which I didn’t feel were true untill I came upon this person you will know during the reading I always record it as well you can listen to it a few times as I often miss some things at the time hope it helps


You won’t know until you’ve been. You must be exhausted constantly trying to work out the answers to the questions you don’t know the answers to, unless you go through it.

It’s booked now, so just go and enjoy the experience, whatever that turns out to be.

I would only go to someone that a friend or family member has already got good results from.

I went to a medium years ago and she just told me stuff about my deceased family, that I didn’t know. But I was young then and hadn’t lost a significant other.

Now if I went, I would want something more specific like you. You may get that but you won’t know until you have done it.

If she had such a large waiting list then I’d assume she is good.

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Yes I get that they give you proof that only you and your lost loved one knew but what I’m trying to say is how do you know they aren’t picking up that information from YOU and your “energy” rather than your loved ones?

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Ah ok, if they told you things that YOU didn’t even know then they couldn’t have got that information from you and your “energy” or by reading you.

Were the things they told you that you didn’t know specific things or more generalised things?

Ugh I don’t know, maybe I’m just TOO sceptical. I haven’t even had the reading yet and I’m convincing myself if it’s right then she’ll be getting the information from ME and MY brain, energy or memories etc.

I’m not normal am I? :tired_face::sob:

Oddly the medium speaks about being sceptical herself despite having the ability and says she tried to brush her gift off until she apparently got really ill and got told by another medium that she wasn’t serving her purpose in life and if she continued to ignore it then she could die :thinking:

She was very specific and my mum and dad clarified that she was 100% accurate after listening to the tape recording.

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He told me he had feelings also pictures and voice from the other side

I had a reading with a medium this morning having felt absolutely desperately sad for the last 2 days. Not sure how it’s made me feel. A few things that absolutely came from him but I just miss him even more now

Was this your first reading? Were you a believer before the reading?

I have no idea how I’m going to feel after mine. I just feel like I need to communicate with him somehow after he was ripped away so suddenly.

In my mind he’s gone without a trace and is just memories and ash now so I’d get massive comfort if I could believe his soul and personality live on. I miss him massively anyway, I don’t think it’s possible to miss him anymore at the minute.

Just knowing that he’s still around and that I could get a reading every so often to “keep in touch” would help me massively I think.

Can I ask what you thought about the medium you used? How much was your reading? How long was it? Did they give specific information? Messages from your loved ones etc?

@LostLil it was a very impulsive thing. I’d class myself as a spiritual agnostic and felt like maybe I’d had some signs initially after he died but that it had gone quiet now. I was extremely sceptical but it was 40quid and I was desperate this morning.

It was half hour and she relayed things that were vague, but also said a few things that definitely offered comfort and would have been exactly the sort of thing he would say. She got that we were a bit different. She said he kept talking about bluebells. There is absolutely no way anyone would have known, but last week I told my friend that I was going to get some of the bluebell bulbs from my garden and put them at the tree where his ashes are going. She kept seeing him surrounded by bluebells.

She picked up on april being an important month (mine and s daughters birthday) He apologised for ruining my birthday. Told her what my favourite colour was to verify it was him and told her that he’s never felt so supported and believed in as I made him feel. He told me that before he died.


How long after booking did you get the reading? Was it a phone reading or in person? If it was a phone reading can you message me the details of the medium you used please?

@LostLil it was via facebook messenger. I found her details in a group I joined so she did it for me as soon as I’d paid as she had space. Some stuff I was like yeah, you could have had a look at my profile, it is locked down but still can get things off profile pictures, but also there wasn’t a lot of time for her to go diving in anyway.

Can you message me her details please? :slight_smile:
I’ve got the one booked for the end of the month but I’m tempted to try an earlier one too.

Can you let me know how you get on when you have it please. I am thinking of going to one. I just want to know he is ok. And will be with me.

I saw one in March recommended to me by a friend.
I had wanted to see one before, but wasnt sure on believing or not, more so with those you see on Facebook etc - my brsin tells me that once they have your full name or slight details, they can search you online and ‘gather info’ on you.
The lady I saw, i texted her from a number not linked to me, only knew me by my first name, i booked with her a month later and didnt have to pay anything for the booking (pay in full on the day)

She initially spoke to my nan … also had contact with my dad and husband.
She mentioned things that havent been disclosed elsewhere (i dont know if some things she pulled from me - as per your question, or if they all came from my lost ones) … she did mention a couple bits from ‘others’ that i dont know.

I am glad I went. More so to hear my dad and hubby are ok ( the two most important people in my life and I lost a year apart - hubby was Nov 2022)
I wish i could have had guidance on what im meant to do now - sadly didnt get that, sge did say that now the ‘door’ has been opened, this may come through if I decide to see soneone again.

She recommended leaving at least 6 months before trying again.

I liked her a lot, she wasnt pushy, she hasnt pushed that I should only see her (im sure many of these ‘big named’ do) … i will be going back.

To answer your question on if they pick you energy or those you love… not wanting to give too much info on others (not my place) but:
The person who recommended this lady - what they were told, didnt come from their energy.
The person i put forward, her reading didnt come from her energy.

I hope this answers some of your questions/doubts .
If you have any other questions i will try answer as best I can x


Thank you. My husband and I have 2 words that we always jokingly said if anything happens the person doing the reading would have to tell the one asking what the words were. No one but us know them. Not written anywhere. No social media either. He hasn’t been gone long so may have to wait.


The lady I saw mentioned things that only he and I would know. It certainly helped me, knowing he was ok.
I do plan to go back in the 6 months.
I hope you do find comfort with who you are seeing (when do you go? ‐ if you dont mind my asking) x

I haven’t got anyone in mind yet. My neighbour across the road goes to one. When she goes again she is going to take me with her. The fact that she mentioned to me about seeing one feels like a message that I should. But I seem to see messages in everything these days …

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