Meet friends in clacton on sea

Hi im 60 years old female looking for new friends to start getting myself out of the house since my husband of 44 years died 3 months ago.If theres anyone in clacton area that would like to meet for coffee etc or the beach

Hi Lorraine, I looked at craft groups and physical active groups because like you I had lost friends due to looking after my husband and we went every where together anyway. It’s a bit scary the first few times but you do meet people and have the choice of saying no if you aren’t keen on them. I didn’t get on with anyone from a walking group, so dropped them but try it’s safer in groups. Best of luck and I hope you find new friends. S xxx

thankyou susie its so hard as i have no transport to go far so have to use taxis and dont even talk with neighbours cause there veey unfriendly .I just dont see a way of moving forward my whole world has gone overnight.We went eveeywhere togerher as he drove so even down to simple stuff like going shopping its a traumatic experience for me.If i hadnt got our beauriful dog for company i wouldnt be here now.

Lorraine, yes I can se your problem and you sound as though you are putting on a brave face. I happy that you have a beautiful dog, they make you get up in the morning. Do you meet the same people when you take it for walks? The reason I ask, I use to run, no sorry that’s wrong, I trotted and I use to see the same people and one or two always speak to me. Same time each day and hope someone wants to talk!
I think it’s one of the hard things about our loss is being on our own and having to deal with even the simplest of things, they just manifest into major problems and part of it is not having some to talk it through with. We have to learn how cope with this new life that we didn’t want but now have.
You live in a lovely part of the country and I do hope someone wants to have a cup of coffee with you, I would but West Yorkshire is to far away. Keep trying different things and something will happen.

thankyou susie