'Meet the counsellors' live chat, Wednesday 1st August, 6-7pm

Some of you may have seen that we’re trialling a new service offering bereavement counselling over video chat. We know that starting counselling can be quite daunting, and is perhaps even more so when technology is thrown into the mix. So we wanted to give you the opportunity to meet our counsellors, ask any burning questions, and find out more about how this service could support you.

Next Wednesday 1st August our two counsellors, Kevin and Louise, will be joining me in the community from 6-7pm for a live chat. They’ll be here to answer your questions about bereavement counselling, online counselling, and how counselling can support you through bereavement.

If you would like to ask a question in advance, feel free to do so below. Otherwise, log in to the community next Wednesday from 6pm to join Kevin and Louise online.

See you then,

What a good idea.
Yes, I’d like to ask a question.
What can I expect to get from counselling?
I’ve been going to counselling since the sudden death of my partner. I talk a lot , say things I can’t say to family and friends and cry a lot.
Nobody can bring my partner back, my life has been totally destroyed and I don’t want a future without my partner.
Reading posts in this site this is pretty common.
How can counselling help me?

Thank you. J

Hi Jackie,

Thank you, that’s a really good question and I’m sure many other community members will be interested to hear what they can expect to get from counselling. Kevin and Louise will answer this for you in the live chat.

See you then,