Meet up in Essex

I’m struggling as there are no local bereavement groups up and running.
Is anyone from Essex ready for a meetup for coffee and a chat.
Would love to hear from you.
Amy x

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Not easy to meet with the pandemic but depending on where you live I might be able to meet you@

Whereabouts in Essex. I’m just over the water in Kent. Used to work in Chelmsford

Hi Misty I live in central Colchester. Maybe a bit too far to meet as I do not have a car. However you may have a suggestion

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Probably a bit too far but I’ll have a think. Always wanted to go to the zoo lol

Hi if you can get here when zoo is open that would be ok

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@may4411 and @Misty1972
I’m in chelmsford.
When shall we meet
Amy x

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Zoo is open this week I think @Amylost can you get to.the zoo? Im up for it

Hi @Misty1972
I can only make Saturday or the Monday, how about you .
Amy x

Drat. The only two days i can’t do :roll_eyes: i never know re a Monday until Sunday evening (if the animal rescue need me the next day)

Anyone out there near Canvey Island, please ?

Hi @Islander55
I live in Chelmsford but I’m happy to meetup In Southend
Amy x


Yes please,Amy !

Hi Amy, there is someone called Iselander 56 who lives in Essex. She posted the same thing. I’m in Leicester and am meeting 2 ladies next week for a coffee and a chat. Think the post is under “just an idea”

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Anyone 70 in Essex female

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