Meet ups

Lovely group for widows/widowers in Tyne and Wear. Local meet ups for understanding, support, company and friendship.
Meet up with new friends get out and about join in events. Positive group with laughter, chat and friendship.
Everyone on the same journey so we all understand each other.


Dear @Sadie1

Thank you for sharing this information with the Community.

Take care.


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I live in the N/West of the Uk i am wondering if any groups exist here.To talk with like minded people would be fantastic

Just what is needed…Wonder if any exist near me N/W Manchester way

Why don’t you start one that’s what I did, we now have over 300 members and meet up in smaller local groups x


I live in Crewe, Cheshire, anyone near me xx


Sounds like a plan…Well done

Hi George 4
I live in Chadderton Oldham but i visit my parents in Sandbach…Bit far from you?

Hi Deborah 1.
It is a bit far as i dont drive, but perhaps we can sort something out.
Perhaps others may join us x

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Hello yes it is but would’t it be marvellous if others would join us…Morning how are you today?

Hi i live in Maidstone Kent

I’m sorry, Deborah, i have only just seen your msg.
It would be lovely for some of us to be able to meet up.
I hope today, has been kind to you .

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This would be nice in my area. I’m in Essex

You too George4…Have the best day you can today

Hello Hope you are sucessfull and meet people from your area…I am looking to meet people in the Greater Manchester Area .So if anybody is out there just reply and we can all put faces to names.Keep posting and supporting everybody

Hello Sadie1
Hope today is going well for you ? Can i ask did you start your group on this site or did you get going another way?
Thanks for your help and advice

I started another group if you private message your phone number I’ll text you details and help you xc

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Thankyou you are really kind .

Phone number removed by Online Community Manager as it breaks our community guidelines on sharing personal details

I’m near Norwich.

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South Wales here.

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