meeting new people

I am finding it hard to meet new people after my husband died last year. I have tried a walking group but they are mainly men . I am just trying to find female friends for meet up for lunch theatre art museums coffee shopping and a good chat. i lost touch with my work friends when i retired five years ago just needed my husband. i live in the wolverhampton area west midlands perhaps someone could advise how I can gain confidence to maybe join a group. Sue


Hi greenmeadow, I’m really sorry about the loss of your husband, it’s really hard to start going out again, it’s easier to stay at home where you feel safe, at least that’s how I felt, have you though about joining the WI, they are usually very welcoming and cover a wide range of topics, the WI that I’m a member of have splinter groups like a walking group, dinner club, book club etc and they are usually very friendly, it might be a good place to start. Love Jude xx

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