Meeting others who feel the same

Hi Sorry just seen your message. Send me a private message and we can have a chat. Regards Parsley

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I am in North London and I was told last January by the local authority that no face to face courses for bereavement could run. I am 10 months in, but would welcome any contact from others in a similar situation for a meeting.

I would be interested in meeting up with someone who understands what I’m feeling. Friends mean well but don’t understand and have their own lives and are pulling away. My grown children have to get on with their lives and are angry with me for just laying in bed crying everyday. I haven’t heard anyone mention being in Essex. I don’t drive so that makes things more difficult for me .

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Hi Kazzer

Do you think it would be a good idea to resurrect your post “just an idea”. I hadn’t joined then and there must be loads of others as well that might want to meet up or join groups that already have? If we do it from your post people might get notifications, What do you think?

Hi Jen,
So sorry for the loss of your lovely husband, I’m a bit further on than you, I lost my husband two years next month and it still feels like yesterday.
Just to say I’m in Essex, maybe there’s some others too in Essex for a meet up.
Steph x

Hi Steph
That would be lovely if we could arrange something like that. Xx

Great, it’ll be good to meet up, I’ll private message x

Viv3 if you type In Just an idea in the search part it will come up with all the replies . Fingers crossed there will be someone local to you who can meet up
Take care Karen

Hi Anyone in Essex.
Please take a look at the post ‘Wishing to speak to people who understand.’ There are people from this post who are living in Essex and also wish to meet up. Up. Hope this helps.

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Also look at the just an idea post there are lots of people want I got to meet up in that post

I’m in Clacton on Sea if anyone wants to meet up

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