Meeting others who feel the same

Hello Everybody, Is there any people out there that would like to meet others that have lost their soulmate/partner/husband/wife?
Please private message me if you are near Newbury. It would be good to meet you. People up north have managed to form a group & it has worked very well they have told me. I lost my husband 6 months ago & really struggling with everything, even just to basically survive is a struggle. Thank you for taking time to read this & hope to get result.


Diane, yes there’s lots of local groups around the country. Some connected to churches or hospices or run by concerned people, please local at your library or notice boards because they are there. In my own small village we have two such groups, one is called living with loss. Hope this helps. Take care S xx

Thank you I am trying lots of places to find one

Hello @Diane08,

Thank you for starting this thread - well done for reaching out as you have done. I just wanted to send you a quick message and share a link to the At a Loss website with you which might help you in your search to find bereavement services and/or others who are in a similar situation in your area.

I’ve done a quick search - there looks to be a few options around Newbury including The Bereavement Journey (takes place in multiple locations) which is run in 6 sessions and small facilitated discussion groups.

I actually grew up in Newbury so I know it well - I do hope you manage to find some help and support close to home.

Take care,

Diane08 I really hope you get some interest Diane. I am in the NW group. It really does help and it is not just about grieving but meeting new friends.
Good luck

I joined Way Up also. So far sadly no response about groups. But have chatted to lady near me on way up.

Hi, I’m on the outskirts of Coventry and have been thinking on the same lines of meeting people that are struggling alone. Where are all our couple friends. They do not understand or feel as we do. I’ve looked on Way up and there are dating sites but just a meet for coffee would be nice.

Hi Diane I’m in Coventry do you know of any groups in the Midlands.xx


Does anyone know if there are any groups that meet near Tavistock or Plymouth?

Thank you

Hi sorry I am in Berkshire. Down south. I was looking for some down here but there don’t seem to be any. Are you on ‘wayup’ ? Google it. Takes a bit of getting on & they like to know a lot. It is worth it as only or widows & widowers. They take a couple of days to let you join. There are groups on there & really is good as everyone on there in same boat as us, not the journey we chose. Good luck & let me know how you get on. Diane

Hi Diane I recently lost my husband on July 1st.I am in Berkshire also.

So sorry to hear that. It is devastating isn’t it. Where are you?

I’m in Windsor

Hi I’m in Coventry and wondered if there are any others willing to meet up for coffee.

I am in Newbury

That’s not to far away Diane :grinning: @Parsley,that’s a lovely idea

Hi I put a post up a while back called “ just an idea “ there were lots of people on that post wanting to join and meet others and some have already done so


Unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone in the Plymouth/Exeter area. Or if there is, it would be great to meet for a coffee!


Parsley I am in Coventry if you want to make

Parsley I’m in Coventry.