Meeting others

I have found this group very helpful. It has given me so much comfort and understanding.

But here’s the thing …… I feel I can cope with so much more while I’m on here, posting and reading but once I came away to face my day, I feel lost and lonely and panic that nobody around me understands my pain or has any desire to listen or to understand. So I was thinking, maybe I’m ready to join a group. To actually meet people, put a face to a name, but how do I even begin to try to do this? Where do I go?

Has anybody joined any groups where you have to meet up? Did it help?
Any advise?

Dee xx


You could try WayUp…

That might be the solution,meeting others like us,alone and scared of the future being alone.Not keen on meeting people at the moment though.Just want to be on my own for a while.


I live in tamworth ad yea it can get lonley some days r better then others iv lost half my family to cancer ad at minute am still lost I try get out put be nice to make some new friends and maybe all meet up who wish to

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Have never joined a group that meet up Dee. If you feel lonely l will chat with you Dee anytime day or night. Where do you live? X



I live in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.
Thank you for your offer. I have started a part job, hoping that getting me out the house will help, however I know unless anyone has been through this loss it’s hard for them to understand

Dee xx

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Yes it is no one understands do they until it happens t them and it will 1 day it soon wears of the help support of ur family friends it can be painful.

Good luck with ur job it’s a good start to try x

Hi Dee
How are you? That’s really good you have got a job. Hope its helping you. I normally volunteer with my local Blind association but haven’t been for about 2 mnths but l am hoping to goo back in the nxt few wks.
Any time you need some one to talk to please do so.
Take care